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'Incredibly, the court deemed that my aspirations made me as unfit a mother as my old, demanding career running a business. But she claims her former husband turned her son against her.'He spent so much money on him, buying him the latest Play Station and a puppy.'The courts don't necessarily view a mother as a capable primary carer of her children if she also has a successful career.' Jane Briggs, a former managing director of a beauty business, gave up her career on the advice of her solicitor when she became embroiled in a custody battle with her former husband, Jason. But I took my solicitor's advice, gave up the business and went to university to maintain my self-esteem.' The couple got married in the mid-Eighties and had a son, Dominic, a year later.'My solicitor advised me that it would go in my favour if I didn't work because I would gain the court's sympathy,' says the 47- year-old. Another year on, Jane returned to work to help pay the mortgage.'It was so far from the truth.' The reality, she says, was that her ex, a former building site foreman, had volunteered to stay at home with the children because they needed her six-figure salary to pay the mortgage on the family's three bedroom home in North London.

'If that's how they have chosen to arrange their lives, why would it be fair that if they split up, the mother should get custody just because she is a woman? 'If the husband is the main carer during the marriage and it breaks down, it is likely that the court will seek to preserve that arrangement.

'I took them to nursery and school every morning and they saw their dad at weekends.' Then, 18 months ago, the couple went head to head in court to fight for custody.

'Though Mark had not returned to work and was living with his parents in Gloucestershire, the judge ruled it was a more favourable environment for the children than living with a career mother,' says Karen. I'm speechless that the courts feel this is a better environment for my children to be raised in than living with a parent who has a strong work ethic and a lovely home.' But observers point out that while the tide may appear to be turning against working women, this shift in custodial arrangements can be seen as a direct consequence of women's fight for equality in the workplace.

'Dominic became resentful when I wouldn't buy him things.

One weekend, in 1998, he asked me to buy him computer games.

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