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“I’ve been on two dates and I meet really nice people all the time, but I’m not completely over my ex,” she says.

Lil Pump makes no secret of the fact he wants to have a relationship with i Carly actress Miranda Cosgrove.

(But it’s worth noting that it’s been all quiet from Cosgrove’s end!

)That doesn’t mean Lil Pump still isn’t reaching out to her.

RELATED: Miranda Cosgrove Wishes Shia La Beouf Had Been Her New Year’s Kiss “My two best friends have gone through breakups that were really hard, and I remember thinking, ‘How could this be so hard and important to them? “Literally for months they were really upset and they couldn’t get over it.” “I had no idea what it was like,” she adds.

With all things considered, it is very unlikely that Miranda Cosgrove and Lil Pump are dating and with zero confirmation from her end, we’re wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t any truth to this rumor.Lil Pump, 17, recently shot to fame with the release of his latest music, but the latest news of him possibly dating the i Carly star gave him a brand new audience! Fans originally began speculating about what was going on between the two when the rapper tweeted, “I wanna f**k icarly.”Naturally, fans have gone wild searching for even the tiniest piece of news to confirm or deny their relationship.Until we get Miranda Cosgrove’s side of the story, we may never know. That’s what fans are dying to know after he tweeted about wanting a sexual relationship with her earlier this year.He also came to her defense on Twitter after it was alleged that she was arrested for prostitution! There is a lot of speculation about Miranda Cosgrove and Lil Pump’s story, and we have what you need to know!

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