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It didn’t seem like people were trying to make introductions so we each felt like we had to.Maybe it felt forced because it was a required part of the activity we were engaging in.We are afraid to make the first move and get to know strangers.We are afraid that by approaching someone we are going to come across as desperate or weird or invasive, when that person never wanted us to be his or her friend in the first place.Each of these first impressions were a crucial part of the relationship we developed with these individuals the rest of the night.Let’s be honest, speed dating first impressions are probably always awkward.We are in our twenties, living alone in Indianapolis. With the dating scene being what it is now, we talked about how hard it is to meet people “the old fashioned way”.We work together, play together, and get to experience #adulting together. As millennials, we are a part of the technological dating generation.

We decided we should go to see if our notions about formal recruitment and dating in person were as similar as we thought, and signed up to attend a speed dating event on a whim.Throughout the process, we met a lot of really great people and had some unexpected experiences at the same time.In the beginning of every human interaction there is always a first impression.At the speed dating event we attended there was a forced activity to encourage mingling.This made the first impressions feel forced and unnatural.

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