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My mom, for example: she volunteers at the hospital, she tap dances in the musical at her clubhouse, she plays canasta with the girls twice a week, she does Sudoku in her garden, she’s on the party-planning committee… Men are more likely to define themselves by their careers – What do I do? Then again, many of my smart, strong, successful clients also bury themselves in their work for a decade, and emerge from their cocoon of success and travel, only to learn that they’re really, really lonely. And nowhere is that clearer than in the realm of relationships.

and while she misses a travel companion, movie companion and regular sex, life is pretty much okay as it is. I can only imagine there are millions of women who haven’t contacted me who continue to immerse themselves in that worldview that success and accomplishment matters more than love. A few thoughts off the top of my head: • Over twice as many women take anti-depressants, compared to men.

A lot of men my age seem uninterested in a committed relationship, seeming to prefer a more casual “low investment, low return” approach to relationships. As a guy who was single for 35 years, I completely agree and think that – all things remaining equal – having a good relationship is a far superior state of being than being alone.

Do men actually ENJOY the endless tedium and stress of going on a string of disappointing dates? (This does not mean that I look down on single people or think you should be in an unsatisfying relationship so, please, spare me the complaints.) But what gets me the most excited, Elaine, is that you’ve forced me to consider something that I’ve never actually considered before: Why Don’t Men Hate Being Single As Much as Women Do?

Instead of becoming single parents by choice, these middle-age professional are turning to co-parenting, a growing trend where singles meet online with the sole objective to become equal partners in raising a child.

This new breed of online daters are turning to websites like and Co-Parent Match.com, which use a compatibility test for people to seek out shared parenting values.

The two had been friends for 20 years; Mr Arrick is gay and Ms Sadowsky never met a man she wanted to have children with, so the two agreed to have a child of their own, Nate, without the need for romance.'If [separate households] is all that child knows, then it becomes normal.

As long as you provide the love, and care, and support that that child needs, whether you're in one household or two, it works.'While some people have chosen to be a single parent, many more people look at scheduling and the financial pressures and the lack of an emotional partner and decide that single parenting is too daunting and wouldn’t be good for them or the child.

Ms Pieke said: 'There were so many things I didn’t anticipate — like, how much should I be responsible financially? Ms Hope, who has a 22-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter, both from co-parenting partnerships, and believes she may have found a third co-parent in Mr Parker, revealed that her first co-parent was a close friend - they decided to become non-romantic partners because of their belief that the institution of marriage was broken.'I get all the benefits of being married but I didn't have all the weather patterns of sexual-romantic destabilization,' she explained to Buzzfeed. And my son is extraordinary.'It’s a terrible idea, deliberately consigning a child to be raised in two different worlds, with parents who did not even attempt to form a loving bond with one another,' she told the New York Times.I pay them to leave.” There are a decent number of men out there who don’t really desire the same kind of relationship as you do. Men don’t need or want women in the same way women need or want men. Their needs are met by their male friendships and their careers and the last thing they want to do is hold your purse when shopping at Nordstrom. However the logistics, from choosing how to conceive to the custody arrangements, are decided once a pair is matched-up.Non-traditional: David Arrick and Heidi Sadowsky, platonic friends for 20 years, are a couple who both wanted children.

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Their solution was to have the child together and co-parent, without any romantic relationship David Arrick and Heidi Sadowsky, are also a couple who both wanted children, but didn't want each other.

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